Clock offer much more than just flexible working, see the great benefits the Clock team enjoy over-and-above their monthly salary, below. If you like what you see, why not get in touch.


Make the most of your weekend and finish at 14:00 on a Friday.

Remote Working

Waiting for a delivery? Need to help watch the kids? Just not feeling too great? Sometimes it’s easier to work from home. We pay for your home broadband and enable remote-access to servers.


For everyone who has been working with us for more than six months we give half-day holiday to enjoy on your birthday.

Mobile Phone

We pay your mobile phone bill so you can keep in touch. We’ll give you up-to £50 per month so you should be able to get some great deals on the latest handsets.


If you have a friend who may be interested in an internal vacancy then let us know. All candidates will go through our normal recruitment process but if they are successful and complete their probationary period you'll receive £2,000 for a senior placement, or £1,000 for all other placements.

Flexible Working

9-5 is dead ... it’s about getting the job done! The office is open 24/7. You just need to be in for the core hours of 11:00-14:00 and the rest is up to you.

Flexibility = Responsibility

Recommend Us

If you know of a potential business that could benefit from the goods and services we provide then let a Director know. They will log the information and pass the details onto the sales team to action. If the business opens an account with us and spends over £1,000 you’ll receive £100.

Free Hosting

If you would like to register a domain name and create a website for yourself or one of your friends then you can register and host for free on our servers.


Had a Eureka moment? fill out a card and pop it in one of the suggestion boxes or email Your idea will be read out at the next company meeting and in return you will get a fiver or possibly more if your idea is truly awesome..

Interest-free Loan

With offices based near train stations, many of us use public transport to get to and from work. For those who use a Travelcard we can help by offering an interest-free loan for a Travelcard so you can take advantage of the discounts available when purchasing an annual or season ticket.

Communal Bike

Whilst the stations are in walking distance ... sometimes it’s quicker to ride. So we provide communal bikes that you are free to use any time. Just leave them at the station for the next person.

Help with the kids

We offer assistance to those with children in the form of a taxable benefit. We hope this will give working parents an opportunity to improve their work-life balance. Childcare vouchers are based on a salary sacrifice system and you can request up to a maximum of £243 worth of vouchers each month.

*Subject to Government legislation

Look after your eyesight

If you spend a lot of your day in front of a visual display unit (VDU), then we’ll assist with the cost of an eye test and any corrective aids required for VDU work, up to the value of £79.


To help you plan ahead for the future we offer everyone the opportunity to join our Group Personal Pension Scheme. You put in 5% and we match it!


If the worst does happen, then it’s a good idea to make sure you have a will to make sure your stuff is looked after. Clock provide a Discounted Will-Writing scheme. For just £95* you get a basic will written by professionals.

*Price subject to change

Free, expert advice.

If you’re not financially-minded, looking after your own finances can sometimes feel daunting. To help you out with this, we can arrange for you to receive free financial advice and analysis from specialist firm, Delta Financial.


Life isn’t just about work, and fulfilment on a personal level is important. After two years with us you can apply for a careerbreak or sabbatical so that you can go off and travel the world.

Office Food

There is a kitchen with a microwave and a fridge for you to use. We provide complimentary bread, milk, cheese, soup, beans, cereals, biscuits ... and a fantastic selection of teas, (Nespresso) coffees and hot chocolate.

Just don’t lose The Tea Game on a big round.


Feel free to freshen-up after a work-out in the fully-stocked shower-room. There are even over-night facilities if you need to stay the night. Linen is washed and towels provided.

KPI Bonus

Your KPI Bonus is based on your personal performance and is paid with your March Pay Packet. Anything over 80% earns up to a potential of 6%.

Company Bonus

Sharing success is at the centre of our philosophy. So if the company hits its targets then you get 5% of your salary. It’s an annual target paid quarterly in arrears. Over-achieve means you share in that too!


We’ve calculated the potential value of these benefits. Taking a conservative estimate they’re worth over £9.5k on top of your salary. And that’s not including the flexible working.


Good people are at the centre of our success. We’re small enough to take a personal interest in you but large enough to offer great career opportunities and benefits.